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The Carlo Gavazzi Group

Feeding systems

Feeding distribution systems are critical to the quality and safety of livestock farming; automation contributes to a better animal welfare and higher production.

The food distribution is controlled by sensors (capacitive and photoelectric), normally combined with solid state relays and soft starters.

Harvesting machinery

Agricultural machinery needs reliable and durable parts and components capable of working long hours in difficult external conditions, exposed to harsh environmental operating conditions.

Carlo Gavazzi offers a complete range of components for most applications in agricultural and earthmoving vehicles, from passive magnetic pick-up sensors (PA2PK) to inductive proximity sensors.

Seed silos

Carlo Gavazzi offers very efficient means for level measurements of liquid and solids, both in large silos and in small storage containers.


Traditional irrigation systems are characterized by complex and expensive wiring. Our DuplineĀ® Fieldbus reduces installation costs and increases flexibility in agricultural irrigation systems, where the valves are usually distributed over a large area.
Any type of irrigation controller, be it a PLC, PC or dedicated controller, can use DuplineĀ® as a remote I/O system.
The wiring topology is completely free, with no limits on the number and length of the branches.