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Fieldbus - Dupline

The DuplineĀ® Fieldbus is the ideal system for controlling levels, monitoring pumps and activating valves over a large area.

Soft starters

The RSGT soft starter series is designed to limit the starting current and water hammering in centrifugal pumps.
Minimal settings and a compact design facilitate the replacement of star-delta and mechanical contactors.
The self-learning algorithm of the RSGT ensures that the pump starts with an optimal settings even under different load conditions.
The HDMS, a single-phase dynamic motor soft starter for borehole pumps, thanks to its innovative algorithm reduces the starting current by 70% compared to a direct on-line starting, which results in less disturbances to generators or weak voltage grids.

Earth leakage current devices

The DEA71 and DEB71 earth leakage current devices protect electric installations against the risk of fire or electrocution due to current leakage.
They are ideal for the protection of pumps, submersible pumps and motors.
They detect insulation and/or ground failure via external core balance current transformers (CTG), provide a warning signal at 60% and trip the MCB when the fault current exceeds the preset fault current.