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The Carlo Gavazzi Group

Capacitive sensors

The CA30 sensors are designed for accurate measurement of dry grain, regardless of its degree of moisture. The sensor provides a stable and precise signal of the yield per unit area. Knowing these yelds makes it easy to exactly adjust the amount of fertilizers and herbicides. As a result, costs can be reduced and environmental impact minimized.
Our 4th generation TRIPLESHIELDTM capacitive sensors are designed to detect objects with a dielectric constant (DC) as low as 1.5. The EC30 capacitive sensors (AC voltage version) have a long sensing distance which enables easy detection of grain.
The VC11/12 sensors are available in multi-voltage power supplies with relay outputs and are used in many agricultural applications.

Conductive level sensors

Include a comprehensive range of conductive level probes ( CLH series with 3 or 5 electrodes) and controllers for liquids such as in slurry tanks (CLD/CLP series).
Various control options allow it to perform filling, emptying or a combination of both.