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The Carlo Gavazzi Group

Inductive sensors

These sensors are used for non-contact measurements - for example to count axle revolutions in machinery or monitoring the bucket position in a backhoe loader. 
IO-Link inductive sensor series enables an easy exchange of processed data, remote configurations, and events via simple and cost-effective 3-wire cabling.The ICB and ICF series, provide for features such as divider and speed control, to monitor the speed of gears or the phonic or toothed wheels ; the ICF series with its robust stainless steel mechanic is ideal to withstand the critical environmental conditions.

E1 sensors

ICS E1 sensor series is a robust solution for daily outdoor operations and assures accurate and reliable detection of actuating parts such as hydraulic pistons, gears speed and position, cranes position and movement, on mobile work machines.

Capacitive level sensors

The CD34 series, mounted outside plastic tanks on sprayers, can detect the level of water-based chemicals while ignoring foam, film, or build-up.

Ultrasonic sensors

The UA series is used to monitor sprayer height in self-propelled row-crop sprayers. Another particular application of ultrasonic sensors with analog output is the control of the direction of the wagon or of a motorized chassis equipped with mobile platforms, for fruit harvesting.

Pick-up sensors

These sensors measure the speed of phonic or toothed wheels and in general of any rotating device incorporated in a ferromagnetic material and equipped with slots and cogs, as in engines and on tractors.

Safety and position switches

Reliable and safe position detection of moving parts, safeguards can be performed with our limit switches;
We offer a wide range of position and safety switches for applications such as monitoring the opening/closing of doors on control panels or loading/unloading hoppers.