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Three phase heater switching with solid state contactors

To maintain precise temperature within furnaces, heating elements must be switched on and off continuously. Such high frequency switching can cause electromechanical contactors to fail prematurely resulting in high maintenance cost and machine downtime. 
RGC2A and RGC3A are solid state contactors designed for 3-phase heater switching. RGC2A switches two poles whereas RGC3A switches all the three poles ensuring that all the phase currents are completely balanced. RGC2A and RGC3A can be controlled by both a PWM signal as well as with AC control signal and have a response of one mains cycle. Thanks to their solid state design, lifetime of RGC2A and RGC3A is significantly higher resulting in lower machine downtime and a reduction in maintenance costs.

Panel mount three phase solid state relays for heater switching

Another commonly used product within the diffusion furnaces is the RZ3A. The RZ3A switches all the 3-poles and has a flatter mechanical design making it suitable for panels with limited depth. 
RZ3A can be mounted directly to a panel or on top a heatsink, depending on the operating conditions. For proper heatsink sizing, our online heatsink selector tool can help you find the right heatsink size for your application.

Finer heater control with proportional controllers (SCRs)

Proportional controllers, known also as SCRs or power controllers, provide a finer resolution in heating control applications where precise temperature is required. 
The heater power can be modulated directly via an analog input that is fed to the SCRs and the output voltage on the heater will vary proportionally. 
Our proportional controller range includes hockey-puck (RM1E) , as well as 1-pole, 2-pole and 3-pole DIN-rail mount versions (RGC1P, RGC2P and RGC3P).