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Compact solid state contactors for heater switching

To maintain precise temperature within climatic chambers, heating elements must be switched on and off continuously. Such high frequency switching can cause electromechanical contactors to fail prematurely resulting in high maintenance cost and machine downtime. 
RGC series of solid state contactors is designed for 1-phase and 3-phase heater switching. RGC2A switches two poles whereas RGC3A switches all the three poles ensuring that all the phase currents are completely balanced.  RGC2A and RGC3A can be controlled by both a PWM signal as well as with AC control signal and have a response of one mains cycle. Thanks to their solid state design, lifetime of RGC2A and RGC3A is significantly higher resulting in lower machine downtime and a reduction in maintenance costs.

Panel mount solid state relays for heater switching

RM1A and RZ3A are 1-pole and 3-pole switching solid state relays that can be mounted directly to the chamber's metal chassis or on top of a heatsink. 
different operating conditions such as panel temperature and load current required different sizes of heatsinks. For proper heatsink sizing, our online heatsink selector tool can help you find the right heatsink size for your application.  The selector tool can also be used to find a heatsink that can hold more than one solid state relay. 

Switching of low current loads and solenoid valves

Solenoid valves are used to control refrigerant flow within the climatic chamber. The frequent switching of the solenoid valves is not ideal for electromechanical relays. Additionally, refrigerants might also be flammable (A2L, A3 categories) which would require switching devices to be non-arcing. Solid state relay such as RP1A and RP1D can be easily mounted directly to a PCB board and also to a standard DIN rail (via the additional accessory). The inherent solid state design does not produce any arcing and, on top of that, there is no contact lifetime issue.

Protecting compressors from reverse rotation

Reverse operation of a compressor quickly causes it to fail and shut the whole equipment down. In addition 3-phase voltage quality impacts the compressor lifetime and must be monitored. Our DPA51, DPB51 and DPA53 three-phase relays are the de facto standard in the market for reliability, size and performance. It is also important to be sure that some of the loads on the systems, such as distribution pumps, are running when required.

Compact 1-phase power supplies

Switch  mode power supplies are a crucial part in powering up most of the critical components within the electrical panel of any semiconductor equipment.
SPDC series of DIN-rail mount power supplies offers a number of unique features such as ultra-slim design, integrated PFC and efficiencies up to 96%. 
Switch mode power supplies can work on a wide range of input voltage maintaining a very stable output DC voltage to make sure that all the critical components such as PLCs and HMIs are safely powered up.