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The Carlo Gavazzi Group

Food and beverage packaging lines

Accurate detection and integrated automation functions in complex and flexible food and beverage packaging conveying systems are crucial to reach maximum productivity, reduce downtime and enable predictive maintenance.
Our broad range of sensors are used to detect objects, moving parts, speed of conveying belts, positions, dimensions and filling levels. Furthermore the interconnectivity, through IO-Link, across field devices and with automation controls allows a seamless integration with enterprise management systems, making Industry 4.0 a reality.

Digital printing machinery

Digital printing processes are becoming widely used in conveying handling systems in packaging lines, tile and ceramic production; the handling and printing process requires the accurate monitoring of product positioning, printing timing and ink levels to guarantee optimal quality and production efficiency.

Electronics and PCBs

Increasing demand for integrated automation in the production, distribution and storage of electronics, wafers and PCB's, require accurate monitoring of positions to provide collision-free transportation. Fast and accurate actuation, speed monitoring, product counting are among the most important functions that drive productivity improvements.
Our smart sensors and solid state actuators, thanks to their embedded control functions, diagnostics and interconnectivity capabilities, are the ideal solution for highly automated electronics manufacturing.