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DLI-P360L: DALI-2 PIR multi-sensor family

Motion/presence, light and temperature detection in one single device for lighting control and energy saving applications.

Main technical features
Multi-sensing: presence, movement, light, temperature sensing in the same package
Certified: DALI-2 certified solution
Plug’n play: Easy integration with the UWP 4.0 controller to implement lighting control and energy saving systems
Easy wiring: free layout granted by DALI-2, together with easy connection via detachable connectors
Indoor/outdoor: IP20 or IP55 enclosures to meet all the installation needs
Not only for lighting control: the multi-sensing nature of the DLI-P360L allows integrators to use it in different applications where energy saving is the targe

The DLI-P360L family incorporates a powerful combination of sensors into a single device to serve a wide range of uses within lighting control and energy-saving applications.

With infrared motion/presence detection to detect people and avoid unnecessary consumption in rooms and buildings, light detection for the best combination of artificial/natural light, and temperature(1) detection for easy integration into BEMS (Building Energy Management System) it has the perfect mix to create a real energy efficiency control system.

Leveraging the DALI-2 standard, easy integration into future-proof control systems based on the UWP 4.0 or any DALI-2 multi-vendor environment is guaranteed, thus ensuring a seamless and trouble-free implementation for system integrators, installers and end-users.

The DLI-P360L includes modules with either built-in or surface mount, and IP20 or IP55 options.

(1) Only in combination with UWP 4.0 controller and DLI-MCG master

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