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Our range of tailor-made products and systems is optimally designed to meet the requirements of your industry and applications. Discover how our expertise provides you with a variety of innovative technologies, wherever you are.


Plastic and rubber

Precise temperature control is critical in the plastics and rubber industry. Whatever the process - injection, extrusion, blow moulding - heater modulation and heater monitoring are of the utmost importance for the final quality of the products. Additionally, quick detection of heater breaks and shorts is paramount in avoiding costly machine downtime and expensive barrel damage. Existing solutions used in the market utilize a mix of current transformers and solid state relays to solve such problems.

The NRG digital solid state relay solution integrates these functionalities into a single solution that allows OEMs to save on total system cost by reducing wiring and components from the panel, whilst improving monitoring capabilities in their machines.

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We offer state-of-the-art products and solutions to meet the Industrial and Building Automation global market’s requirements. Our products have earned the independent approval of the relevant international regulations. Find your product.