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The gateways are devices, being part of a Dupline® fieldbus network, which convert that bus signal into a Modbus-RTU, Profibus-DP or Profinet protocol depending on the chosen model.

Digital input devices

The digital input devices are DuplineSafe buspowered input modules to be used in a Dupline® fieldbus network.

Output device

The digital output device is a Dupline Safe buspowered relay output module which can manage, in a Dupline® fieldbus network, up to 63 DuplineSafe input modules.

DuplineSafe Bus generators

The DuplineSafe Bus generator has a range of different modules capable to generate the Dupline® fieldbus network signal.

Optical repeaters

The optical repeaters are a range of devices which convert the Dupline® fieldbus signal into a fibre optic communication and vice versa. They are aimed at longer communication distances.

Wired repeaters

The optical repeaters are a range of devices aimed at longer communication distances in a Dupline® fieldbus network. In addition the same devices can also be used as a power booster.


The accessories constist of DuplineSafe configuration and test tools.