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Semiconductor equipment

Solder reflow ovens and wave soldering machines

Smart solid state relays result in panel space saving

Critical processes require quick real-time feedback of different process variables. The slim design of the NRG solid state relays together with the integrated current measurements, results in about 40% panel space saving. The NRG is a scalable solid state relay solution that works on a bus chain design. Each solid state relay and/or solid state contactor has built-in current and voltage measurement as well as other relevant parameters. All this data is exchanged in real-time with a main controller, NRGC, that is the main interface to the machine PLC. Different protocols are available including EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP and Profinet. Intelligent diagnostics such as load deviation can also highlight heater deviation from a set value thereby predicting a possible heater failure. 

Solid state contactors with load monitoring

Ensuring that zone temperatures are within set limits is a critical part of any solder reflow process. Any heater failure will cause a drop in temperature in the heating zone affecting the reflow profile and resulting in weaker solder joints that may results in latent failures. 
Solid state relays like the RGS1S and RGC1S can be used to detect partial heater failure and signal the fault through an auxiliary output. Other variants such as the RGC..M series also include monitoring functions to detect mains loss, load loss as well as SSR malfunction. Quick detection of a heater malfunction is critical to minimize machine downtime and high maintenance costs while ensuring a high quality product.

PCB detection with photo electric proximity sensors

Detection of PCB's and electronic components in conveying systems can be performed with a high degree of accuracy using the PD30 IO-Link smart sensors; particularly optimized for small object detection is the PD30 with point-spot light source for the measurement up to 6 meters distance. The predefined and selectable application functions like speed and length, pattern recognition, divider and object and gap monitoring, provide the customer with additional data and decentralized controls to optimize the production process and enable predictive maintenance. For some specific applications in semiconductors, the PD30 is also available with an IR light source. 

PCB detection with laser sensors

Accurate detection in PCB's and semiconductor production can be performed with high repeatability using the LD30;
LD30 is a laser sensor with time-of-flight detection principle and background suppression, that can detect objects of various colors up to 1000 mm. The LD30 smart sensor provides unique predefined and selectable application functions: speed and length, pattern recognition, divider and object and gap monitoring. These embedded functions help the customer with additional data and decentralized controls which are very important to optimize the production process and enable predictive maintenance. 

Operator protection with magnetic sensors and safety relays

Used to detect the open/closed position of the protection gates along the conveyors, the MC36 magnetic sensors assure target detection to 5 mm. These sensors are available with a variety of switching contacts for connection to safety controllers, such as the SMS31, and to provide a safety performance level up to Ple according to ISO EN 13849-1. 

Conveyor chain and convection fan speed control

To calibrate the reflow profile, reflow ovens have different parameters that need to be setup. Apart from the heating and cooling zones settings, two other important parameters are convection fan speed control as well as the conveyor speed. With a convection reflow oven, fans are located at the top and bottom side of every zone to provide the necessary convection in the heating and cooling zones. RVLF variable frequency drives are compact AC drives with both analog , digital and also Modbus RTU communication.  

Compact 1-phase power supplies

Switch  mode power supplies are a crucial part in powering up most of the critical components within the electrical panel of any semiconductor equipment.
SPDC series of DIN-rail mount power supplies offers a number of unique features such as ultra-slim design, integrated PFC and efficiencies up to 96%. 
Switch mode power supplies can work on a wide range of input voltage maintaining a very stable output DC voltage to make sure that all the critical components such as PLCs and HMIs are safely powered up.