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The Carlo Gavazzi Group

Silicon wafer counting with capacitive sensors

The CA series of capacitive sensors can be used to detect the PCB position, as well as the position of the wafers in semiconductor and solar panel production.  Capacitive sensors can be used for wafer counting and wafer position detection. In applications where the space is limited, the CD34 in its small square housing is the ideal solution. 
One of the outstanding features of the Carlo Gavazzi capacitive sensors is the high immunity to electromagnetic interference. With our 4th generation of TripleshiedTM technology the CA capacitive sensors can withstand higher levels of electrostatic disturbance, wire conducted noise and other interference from magnetic fields resulting in a very reliable and consistent detection.

Compact 1-phase power supplies

Switch  mode power supplies are a crucial part in powering up most of the critical components within the electrical panel of any semiconductor equipment.
SPDC series of DIN-rail mount power supplies offers a number of unique features such as ultra-slim design, integrated PFC and efficiencies up to 96%. 
Switch mode power supplies can work on a wide range of input voltage maintaining a very stable output DC voltage to make sure that all the critical components such as PLCs and HMIs are safely powered up.