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PV sites monitoring

Protecting the environment is a fundamental ideal that requires dedication and care, which is why every solar project is a vital project. It needs the same attention that we devote to the things we love. Care and attention, are essential values of Carlo Gavazzi, when developing the control systems for photovoltaic plants. This ensures the solar investment is a solid investment.

AC energy monitoring

A PV plant is a complex installation where both DC and AC power have to be managed. While DC power is on the generation side, AC power is on the grid-connected part. It doesn't matter if it is a large or a residential installation as it is a mandatory condition to provide the right mix of protection, analysers, and accessories, so as to meet all installation requirements.

PV storage

In new residential PV installations, energy storage is becoming the core of the whole plant because of the nature of photovoltaic energy. In these kind of installations, which are still grid-connected, PV energy is also used to charge electrical vehicles adding further complexity. AC energy monitoring is therefore key to understanding how the whole plant works.

Other renewable

Renewable energy is not only photovoltaic and therefore, according to the installation, it is needed to have adequate protection devices meeting the different European rules.