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Soft start of infrared heaters in stretch blow molding

In the second stage of an injection blow molding process, the PET preforms need to be reheated before they are stretched. Infrared heaters, which are typically used in this part of the process, may require soft starting to reduce the high inrush current.
The RGC1P utilizes phase angle control and also has a soft starting functionality suitable for switching IR heaters. Avoiding the high inrush current on the IR heaters minimizes temperature shocks on the IR lamps helping to prolong their lifetime and avoid costly machine stoppages.

Monitor critical process parameters with NRG

Soft start for infrared heaters is also available on the NRG digital solid state relay platform. Within the NRG product family, RGC1P…CM and RGS1P..CM proportional controllers (SCRs), offer advanced functions like soft start , phase angle control as well as advanced full cycle. Soft starting of IR heaters reduces signifiantly the thermal shock on the IR lamps by reducing the starting current by > 40%. Individual relays can be controlled through the NRG controller that exchanges data with the machine's PLC. In addition to the load switching, NRG integrated real-time data monitoring capabilities can be utilized for better process control. The built-in voltage compensation feature can also be used to maintain more stable power on the heater even in case of voltage fluctuations.

Maintaining stable temperature control

Fast switching of heaters results in a more precise temperature control. Solid state contactors like the RGC and RGS solid state relays, can switch on and off within half a mains cycle respectively. This rapid turning on and off allows the heater to be switched multiples times every second to avoid temperature overshoots.
The RGC and RGS series have been tested to 100 kA short circuit current rating according to UL508 for an easier integration into industrial panels. The high I2t (up to 18,000 A2s) within the RGC series also allows protection with miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) for a lower installation cost.

Detecting partial heater failure with current sensing relay

Heater breakdown and thermal runaway due to a shorted heater, are two critical issues in most plastic processes. 
A failure of the heater will cause a drop in temperature in the heating zone, thereby increasing friction on the screw, resulting in overheating and barrel wear. 
If a heater shorts out, the temperature in that specific area cannot be controlled and can cause the plastic to overheat resulting in significant material scrap. 
The RGC1S solid state relay and contactor series integrates current monitoring to detect total and partial heater failures. 
Based on a "teach" function, the RGC1S compares the measured current to the one stored during the "teach" function and checks for current deviations for up to 6 heaters connected to the relay.

SPDE compact switch mode power supplies

Switch mode power supplies are a crucial part in powering up most of the critical components within the electrical panel of any plastics processing machinery.
Our SPDE series of DIN-rail mount power supplies offer a number of unique features such as ultra-slim design, integrated PFC and efficiencies up to 96%.
Switch mode power supplies can work on a wide range of input voltage maintaining a very stable DC voltage output to make sure that all the critical components such as PLCs and HMIs are safely powered up.