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The Carlo Gavazzi Group

Waste disposal trucks

Our inductive sensors are used to monitor the movement and locking position of the loading doors, to control the position of the compaction cylinders, to monitor the dump end position, or to detect the position of the lift arms and forks.

Mobile cranes

The accurate detection of the movement of the telescopic arm, the position of the outriggers, the fork extension and the position of the cabin are guaranteed in severe environmental conditions, with our E1 type sensors; they can operate under critical power supply conditions and are immune to electrical load dumps, high and sudden voltage fluctuations and sags, when the battery is discharged.

Concrete trucks and specialty vehicles

The common challenge on heavy-duty machinery is the need to ensure continuous and safe operations in harsh environmental conditions.

Our E1 type inductive sensors are designed to provide reliable monitoring of the position and movement of the mixing drums, the position of the discharge chute and the loading hopper on concrete mixers.

Loading cranes and forklifts

Our E1 inductive sensors are widely used on loading cranes to monitor the position of the telescopic boom, the position of the cabin and the position of the outriggers.

They are also used on forklifts to monitor the position of the loading platform.