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The Carlo Gavazzi Group

Heat pumps

Heat pump manufacturers face different challenges due to different regulations :  

  • Achieving high efficiency (SCOP)
  • Respecting utility regulations on starting current
  • Use of flammable refrigerants
  • Extending the lifetime of the compressor

We have different solutions to help you address the major challenges for reducing compressor starting current, monitoring and protection of compressors as well as energy monitoring solutions.

Commercial air-conditioners and chillers

Manufacturers of commercial HVAC equipment also need to design in the right set of components to ensure a high reliability of the chillers and roof top units (RTUs).  

  • Protecting compressors from reverse rotation
  • Reduction of starting current in multi-scroll systems
  • Speed control of condenser fans
  • Energy monitoring

We have a wide range of monitoring relays to detect wrong phase sequence as well as other electrical variables to protect the compressor. 

Refrigeration cabinets

Within the supermarket refrigeration sector, the use of low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants requires manufacturers to review their existing electrical panel design since some of these new refrigerants are also flammable.
Our wide range of solid state contactors provides an arc free starting solution that can be suitable for switching of compressors. This characteristic makes them ideal for use in environments with flammable refrigerants and an ideal replacement of electromechanical relays and contactors.
For larger compressors we offer a wide range of soft starters that are specifically designed for compressors.

Air-handling units

Air handling units (AHU) provide proper ventilation and humidity in buildings by mixing and ļ¬ltering outside air. The air handling unit (AHU) is the heart of central air conditioning. AHUs collect outside air and room air, remove dust and other particles from the collected air, adjust the temperature and humidity and then supply comfortable and refreshing air-conditioned air into individual rooms through ducts. Air can then be warmed further using duct heaters.

Duct heating

Duct heaters are used in forced air applications to provide additional occupants comfort by providing dedicated space heat or, in some cases they are used to supplement existing heating systems.
Applications may vary from space heating, primary heating, auxiliary heating and also multi-zone heating applications.
To maintain the required comfort level for occupants, the heaters require to be switched modulated for a finer control of the building temperature. We offer a wide range of single phase and three phase proportional controllers for duct heating applications.

Fire dampers monitoring

Fire dampers are used to prevent the spread of fire in warehouses and are indirectly part of an energy efficiency plan. Carlo Gavazzi provides advanced solutions with ready-to-use junction boxes for fast and easy decentralized installation, capable of monitoring and controlling fire damper actuators.

Pellet burners

Pellet burners require components that can work under harsh ambient conditions with regards to temperature and dust. Detecting the presence of wood in the burner is critical for correct and safe operation of the burner.
Our range of capacitive sensors (CA30CA) is designed with our TripleshieldTM technology to ensure correct detection under all conditions. Read more about our range of capacitive sensors.