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Finer heater control in shrink wrapping

Several issues can occur when shrink wrapping products and, in many cases it has to do with the heat control. Solid state relays can be switched much faster than electromechanical relays and hence allow for a finer control of the temperature since they can be switched multiple times per second. Lifetime is not an issue since there is no moving contact in the solid state relay. When finer control is required, the heater can also be modulated by using proportional controllers such as the RM1E and RGC1P series. The output of the RM1E and RGC1P varies proportionally to the analog input (4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC) and this facilitates the integration within a closed loop system.

Heater switching in blister packaging

Space in the blister packaging equipment can sometimes be a challenge. This is where products like the RF1A and RK2A, RKD2A series of solid state relays provide considerable space savings.
The RF1A is 70% smaller than a standard hockey-puck relay and can switch heating elements up to 25A. Installation cannot be easier as it also comes with a pre-attached thermal pad that results in much shorter installation time.
The RK2A and RKD2A is actually two SSRs housed in a compact hockey-puck style housing providing 50% space savings. Depending on the application requirements, the two poles can be switched with one control signal (RK2A) or via two independent control signals (RKD2A). The RK series can switch heating elements up to 75A.

Detection of trays with IP69K sensors

The high level of hygiene in the food industry requires equipment to withstand daily wash-downs at high temperature and/or high pressure. Photoelectric sensors are commonly used to detect material presence on food and beverage conveyors. The PD30ET photoelectric sensors are perfect for these applications, designed in AISI 316L stainless steel housing and rated IP69K. They can withstand water temperatures up to 80ºC (176ºF, high pressure washing up to 100 bar (1,450 psi) and are resistant to both alkaline and acidic cleaning agents. With integrated IO-Link, PD30ET...IO sensors offer flexibility to changing production requirements and real-time status monitoring.

Detection of trays in harsh environments

The PA18/PH18 sensor series is another solution for food and beverage conveyor lines as they can withstand harsh cleaning processes.
The PA18 series complies with the requirements set out by Ecolab and is rated IP69K degree of protection. The PA18, designed in M18 ABS housing, is available in both axial and radial versions, while the PH18 is designed in M18 squared ABS housing, to adapt to different installation requirements.