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RF1A compact SSR for heater switching

With its compact footprint, the RF1A is up to 70% smaller compared to traditional panel mounted SSRs. This feature makes it ideal for applications such as coffee machines where space is always very limited.
Despite the small size, the RF1A can switch heaters up to 25A, 230 VAC. Over-voltage protection is also integrated and the status of the SSR is indicated via the LED.
Installation time savings is another benefit that the RF1A offers as it comes with a pre-attached thermal pad and the terminals are faston (quick connect type). The RF1A plastic housing complies with the IEC/EN60335-1 for glow-wire.

RM1A and RM1B for heater and motor switching

Within the coffee machines, apart from the heating elements, motor switching might also be required for the grinder and pump. The RM1A and RM1B series are designed to switch heaters and motors respectively. The RM1A uses zero-cross (ZC) switching whereas the RM1B uses instant-on (IO), known also as random switching that is the preferred method for switching motor loads.
The RM series can switch heaters up to 100A, 600 VAC and has a wide control voltage range with DC or AC input voltages.

RAM1A…G conformity to glow-wire test

Within coffee machines, temperature can be quite elevated. The IEC/EN 60335-1 covers the safety of household and similar electrical appliances and requires that plastics used in electrical devices to comply with the glow-wire requirements.
The RAM1A..G series of SSRs housing materials conform to glow-wire requirements at 750ºC and 850ºC making them more attractive for use in coffee machines.
The RAM1A...G series is available from 25A up to 125A, 600 VAC with a wide control voltage range. In addition, selected models are also tested for 100,000 cycles - UL endurance test.

Heatsink solutions for panel mount solid state relays

Apart from supplying solid state relays, we have a wide range of heatsinks to provide turnkey solutions to our customers. Solid state relays dissipate heat and a proper thermal interface is required to extend the lifetime of the SSR. Calculating the proper size of the heatsink can be tedious especially when more than one SSR needs to be fitted.

Our online heatsink selector tool solves the problem. With a limited set of user parameters you can get the heatsink model and/or the required thermal resistance, in case we do not offer the heatsink size you need.

Capacitive sensors to detect coffee bean level

Capacitive sensors are very versatile for both liquid and solid material detection. Within coffee machines, the CD34 capacitive sensors are used to detect the level of coffee beans and/or milk-powder level.
The CD34 capacitive sensors automatically adapt to various thicknesses of plastic or glass walls. With the universal mounting brackets (ACD34-MB01), the sensor can be fixed on various tubes and containers.
The sensor will function out of the box in most applications, and teach-in capabilities are available for adapting the sensor to more challenging applications.

Capacitive sensors to detect water level

The versatility of the CD34 capacitive sensors allows them to also be used for water level detection in coffee machines. The CD34 can be mounted to almost any tank through the universal mounting bracket (ACD34-MB01). The sensing principle in the CD34 sensors detects only the level of the liquids while ignoring foam, film or build-up that would cause standard capacitive sensors to mis-detect and trigger the output erroneously.

Magnetic sensors for water level detection

Level sensors are the optimal solution to check the after level in the steam tank. The ILSP and ILM sensors can be installed directly in the bottom of the tank.
The ILSP level magnetic sensors housing is made from non-toxic polypropylene material and come with either normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) output. The ILSP8 model has a changeover output.
The ILM level magnetic sensors have a stainless steel (AISI 316) housing and are offered with either silicone or PVC cable output connection. For both the ILSP and ILM, by simply overturning the rod or the float, it is possible to reverse the output function.