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The RS_E series now extends to 100 AAC

A cost-effective solid state relay for the switching of resistive loads.

Main technical features
• 1-pole, zero cross switching AC solid state relays
• Output ratings up to 528 VAC, 25 AAC, 40 AAC, 60 AAC, 80 AAC, 100 AAC
• Integrated output overvoltage protection
• Control ON LED indication
• 4000 Vrms isolation between output and backplate
• DC or AC control voltage
• CE, UKCA, EAC, cURus (only for 25 AAC and 40 AAC versions

The RS_E is a 1-pole, zero-cross AC switching solid state relay intended for switching of resistive loads. In addition to the current 25 AAC and 40 AAC variants, we are now introducing the 60, 80 and 100 AAC versions. All three of these variants are available in 400 VAC and 480 VAC ratings, with the 60 and 80 AAC versions featuring a TRIAC output and the 100 AAC version featuring a back-to-back thyristor output. Both AC and DC control versions are available.

Since the RS_E is a fully solid state solution it can perform millions of switching cycles without failure. As typical of solid state relays, its fast response time guarantees stable temperatures in critical processes where temperature overshoots can create quality issues in the final product. An additional feature of the RS_E is the integrated overvoltage protection on the output which prevents damage to the solid state relay from uncontrolled voltage surges that may occur on the supply lines. This minimizes unplanned production stops.

“The RS_E series is Carlo Gavazzi’s basic series of solid state relays with lower specifications and fewer features than the counterparts offered by the more popular RM and RAM series”, says Dorianne Grech International Product Manager. “The RS_E series has been designed to address high volume markets and therefore enables a more cost-competitive offering for entry level applications”

The RS_E series is suitable for heating applications that require stable temperatures and trouble-free operation over many switching cycles. Typical applications are plastic injection machines, thermoforming machines, coffee machines, electrical cooking appliances, reflow ovens and glass tempering ovens.

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