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LD30..PBR..IO series: the new era of smart photoelectric laser sensors

Highly flexible multifunctional laser sensors in a very compact housing.

Main technical features 
• Class 1, Ø1 mm visible Red laser beam 
• Selectable foreground or background suppressing 
• Two separate switching signal channels (SSC) 
• Easily configurable functions via IO-Link ver. 1.1 
• Predefined selectable application functions 
• Pre-defined sensing functions 
• Dual detection function 
• Each SSC can be set as: BGS - single point, two-point, windows modes or as foreground suppression mode. 
• Predictive maintenance includedfor diagnostics purposes. 
• Logic functions: AND, OR, X-OR and Gated SR-FF 
• Timer functions 
• Two freely configurable independent outputs 
• CE, UKCA, UL 61010 

The main features of the new LD30...PBR…IO laser sensors are the selectable background or foreground suppression, and a sensing distance of 100, 300 or 600 mm. These sensors have a Ø 1mm focused visible red laser beam and are Laser class 1, capable of detecting small objects over long distances or close to a background. 

Thanks to the optimized design intended for applications such as automatic conveyor systems or packaging machinery, the smart laser sensors LD30.PBR…IO provide 4 new unique, predefined, and selectable application functions: speed and length, pattern recognition, divider function, and object and gap monitoring. These integrated functions help the customer with additional data and decentralized controls, which are essential for optimizing the production process, and simplifying the machine control system layout. In addition, the focus is on predictive maintenance with features such as: Dual detection, Quality of Run (QoR), Quality of Teach (QoT), Temperature and dust alarms, Excess Gain and Auto Adjustment, valuable tools to avoid downtime. 

The sensors are available in plastic or stainless steel AISI316L housings, with IP69K and ECOLAB approvals, with either a 2 m cable or an M8 4-pin connector. 

“The LD30.PBR…IO sensors have been developed to operate in both IO-Link environments as well as in traditional automation systems, wherever the sensing performance needs to be monitored and logged.Thanks to the easy and complete customization of the sensors, many parameters can be adjusted, based on specific requests,” Torben Rochat International Product Manager says. “With the launch of these smart photoelectric laser sensors, it is our intention to strengthen our market position in packaging machinery, conveyor systems and food & beverage equipment applications.” 

Developed in our competence center in Denmark, these sensors have been designed to fulfill industrial requirements by providing a flexible solution with accurate detection of objects of different sizes, shapes, or surface textures particularly in industries like Packaging, Materials Handling, Food & Beverage and Machine tools. 

For further information: 
Carlo Gavazzi Automation SpA - Via Milano 13 – 20045 Lainate (MI) - Italy 
Marketing and Communication - info@gavazziautomation.com - www.gavazziautomation.com