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DCT1: the DC energy transducer for measurements in fast chargers

A very flexible, simple, compact, and easy-to-integrate energy metering solution.

Main technical features
All-in-one solution: Integrated voltage measurement, power supply and RS485 port (with signature)
Multi-protocols: RS485 Modbus RTU or SML to adapt to different charger controllers
Wide measurement range: 150 to 1000 VDC, 300 A or 600 A max current
Compactness: 90x115x60 mm housing
Easy installation and sealing: DIN mounting with additional screw terminals for robust back panel installation
Flexibility: Mountable, with both busbar and cable lug, in different orientations
Fast serial data refresh time: 200 ms, also suitable for load emergency disconnection
Bi-directional kWh meter (imported/exported): Ready for vehicle to grid applications (distributed storage by car batteries)
High accuracy: Calibration is also based on internal temperature sensors to meet accuracy requirements under any condition
Approvals and certifications: cURus; NMi evaluation certificate for Eichrecht approval according to IEC 62052-11, IEC 62052-31, IEC 62053-41, VDE-AR-E 2418-3-100 Annex A, WELMEC 7.2. V2G compliance

The near future for EV charging applications is mainly based on fast, ultra-fast, and hyper-fast chargers. Therefore, there is an increasing need for reliable and accurate metering systems to avoid the outdated “charge-by-time method” or the upstream AC meters which can make the end user also pay for the system power losses.

The DCT1 is Carlo Gavazzi’s first and most suitable response to this need. A very flexible, simple, compact, and easy-to-integrate solution for energy measurement in fast chargers.

With the DCT1 we are able to provide a metering system that can be certified according to the requirement of the US and German calibration laws. In this way, the DCT1 can be applied for legal use in several European Countries while waiting for a harmonized and common EU regulation.

“Besides satisfying EV fast charging applications, the DCT1 can also be used to monitor the DC energy exchange in DC microgrids and to provide cost allocation information in DC industries,” Andrea Bernardi, International Product Manager states. “Strengthened by the experience gained with our AC fiscal meters, with the release of the DCT1energy transducer we aim to consolidate our presence and place ourselves at the forefront energy metering also in DC fast charger applications.”

Developed in our Competence Centre in Italy, the DCT1 is specifically designed for accurate measurements in new emerging DC current applications such as EV charging stations, PV energy storage, DC industry, and DC microgrids, in full compliance with the latest international standards for DC energy. As a result of the fast growth of this segment, a number of different solutions are being developed, to meet the upcoming needs.

For further information:
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