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CA12..IO series: smart capacitive proximity sensor series with integrated IO-Link communication

Fully customizable, high-performance and multi-function IO-Link sensors in PBT, AISI316L stainless steel or PEEK housings.

  • M12…PBT, AISI316L Stainless Steel or PEEK housings
  • Easily configurable functions via IO-Link ver. 1.1
  • Predictive maintenance included for diagnostics purposes. 
  • Quality of Run (QoR) and Quality of Teach (QoT)
  • Alarm outputs: temperature and dust - with adjustable setpoints
  • Selectable sensing distance and hysteresis
  • Sensing mode: single point, two point and windows mode
  • Logic functions: AND, OR, XOR and “Gated SR/FF”
  • Timer functions: ON, OFF and One shot
  • Configurable output/input: NPN, PNP, Push-Pull and external input
  • Logging functions: temperatures, operational hours, power cycles, configuration changes
  • Two separate switching signal channels (SSC)

Based on our 4th generation of TRIPLESHIELD™ sensors, these CA12 series sensors represent the ideal solution for industrial automation equipment in applications where sensing performance must be continuously and accurately monitored and logged.

These new sensor families are designed in PBT, AISI316L sturdy stainless steel housings or PEEK housing for smooth surface and less dust or liquids accumulated on the surface. In addition to the full range of technical features provided by our capacitive sensor families, the IO-Link communication mode allows additional advanced modes such as: QoR (Quality of Run), QoT (Quality of Teach) and diagnostic parameters. Sensors provide information for predictive maintenance with the addition of temperature and dust alarms that help increase application uptime. Furthermore, the sensors are fully programmable and customizable thanks to their integrated IO-Link communication.

“The CA12…IO sensors have been developed to work in both IO-Link environments and traditional automation systems, wherever there is a need to monitor and log sensing performance. Thanks to the easy and complete customization of the sensors, many parameters can be adjusted, based on specific requests,” Torben Rochat International Product Manager says. “With this launch, Carlo Gavazzi further expands its offering for Industry 4.0, providing a new and reliable range of IO-Link capacitive sensors and thus strengthening its position on the market.”

Developed in our competence center in Denmark, these sensors have been designed to meet industrial requirements by providing a flexible solution with accurate detection of objects of different sizes, shapes, or dielectric values particularly in industries such as Semiconductors and Printing as well as glass detection for solar panels and mobile phone manufacturing.

For further information: 
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