NRG Digital Solid State Relays

The SSR platform that enables real-time condition monitoring through Modbus®, PROFINET® or EtherNet/IP

Precise temperature control in industrial automation heating processes is crucial to ensure high quality of goods. This precision can only be achieved with the use of solid state relays. Carlo Gavazzi solid state relays have been evolving over the years to adopt technological advances and keep abreast with the needs of industrial machine builders. The industrial automation industry is now at the dawn of the next industrial revolution, Industry 4.0 or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

For machine builders to remain competitive and continue to thrive, the digital initiatives possible with this next revolution need to be taken on board. Data is an essential resource at the core of this revolution. To maximize equipment efficiency, machine builders need to make informed decisions, solve urgent problems on short notice and develop machines that are more autonomous. This necessitates an interconnection and exchange of data between the various components in the machine.

The NRG is the solid state relay platform tailored for this revolution. Through the added monitoring and a communication interface, solid state relays can now interconnect and exchange data in real-time with the PLC.

Solid state relays now enable prediction of heater failures Reduce costly unplanned machine downtime with the NRG

‘You can’t manage what you don’t measure’.

Communication is the backbone for efficient automation production systems.

On top of the switching capabilities, the NRG digital solid state relays can exchange monitoring and diagnostic data in real-time with the PLC. Apart from real-time parameters and status of the heater and the SSRs, the data provided by the NRG helps machine builders to:

  • Predict premature heater failures through load deviation monitoring
  • Optimise preventive maintenance through hours in use data
  • Quickly identify process deviations through the integrated diagnostics
  • Reduce troubleshooting time by means of fault identification by the NRG

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A new benchmark in solid state switching The NRG benefits

A compact all-in-one solution Reduces panel space occupancy, decreases inventory, less wiring

Switching, monitoring and diagnostics packaged in the smallest solid state relay platform on the market. The NRG solution saves valuable panel space. Compared to other monitoring solutions it eliminates the need of external current transformers, PLC analogue and digital cards.

Real-time condition monitoring Minimises unplanned machine downtime

Condition based monitoring is essential to reduce unplanned machine stoppages. The NRG load deviation alarm alerts of potential load failures prior to these happening. The SSR and load running hours data helps maintainers schedule better preventive maintenance plans.

Fast PLC configuration Time savings

The NRG with PROFINET® and EtherNet/IP™ protocols allows easy and fast integration within existent automation systems. Through standard PLC configuration engineering tools it is a matter of drag and drop to set up the NRG.

Precise temperature control Consistent production

The NRG solid state relays can be controlled down to 1% resolution with the power control mode. Different switching modes can be configured for different load types. With the ON/OFF mode, SSRs can be switched every half mains cycle.

Integrated informative diagnostics Facilitates troubleshooting

To cater for sudden unpredictable failures, the NRG SSRs are equipped with a number of alarms that monitor the system status, the heater, the SSR and also the communication system. Each fault is uniquely identified.

Ready for IIoT Remote support with informed decisions

Through digitalization, machines can be accessed from any remote location. The communication interface on the NRG enables remote access down to the solid state relay level.

A solution for various heating applications The NRG has been designed to suit heating applications where precise temperature control is crucial to guarantee the quality of the final product and where unplanned machine stoppages can result in a considerable loss of revenue. The versatility of the NRG makes this solid state relay platform the perfect fit in a multitude of applications.

PET blow moulding | Consistent end product quality with immediate failure detection

The pre-heating process of PET preforms is done by short wave infrared (SWIR) heaters. Temperature measurement in this process is done by radiation and happens only at the end of the heating process. Due to the inherent latency of temperature feedback in this process, the late identification of a heater failure leads to low product quality and potentially high scrap costs.

Through the NRG with integrated diagnostics, heater failure identification is immediate thereby resulting in lower scrap rates and higher production efficiency. An additional benefit with the NRG in this application is the flexibility to configure the most suited switching mode to control short wave infrared heaters. The advanced full cycle switching mode enables reduction of the visual flickering present with such heaters.

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Injection moulding | Remote access for optimised technical support

Plastic injection moulding is a well-used process in the production of plastic components for the medical, aerospace, automobile and various other industries. The moulding process is very speedy and permits the production of high quantities in a short time frame. Machine stoppages for long times result in lost revenue and delayed shipments. Critical machine issues often necessitate the support of the machine builder. Through the adoption of the IIoT, machine builders can provide immediate remote support to end users wherever they are located.

The NRG solid state relays can be interfaced to PLCs for data exchange and real-time diagnostics. This enables machine builders to make data-driven decisions and react fast to critical issues to get the machine up and running in a short time.

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Packaging machinery | A space saving cost-effective switching and monitoring solution

Monitoring is essential to improve machine performance, to ensure a quick reaction to sudden failures and to facilitate troubleshooting. Adding additional components in a machine for monitoring purposes creates panel space occupancy issues as machine footprints get smaller and smaller.

The NRG is the solution to this dilemma. Monitoring is integrated in Carlo Gavazzi’s compact solid state relay footprint to provide an all-in-one solution. Not only does the NRG fit in the same space as the typical solid state relay, but it enables further space and cost savings through elimination of digital outputs.

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Semiconductor manufacturing | Prediction of heater failures reduces machine downtime

Unplanned machine downtime hinders production efficiencies and contributes to loss of revenue. Such stoppages can be reduced through real-time monitoring of critical machine parameters.

One of the many NRG features is the prediction of heater failures by the continuous monitoring of the heater resistance. The PLC is alerted in case the heater resistance is out of the configured range. Such an abnormality can be displayed on the machine interface or transmitted digitally to the maintenance people to plan a timely intervention.

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The NRG bus chain components Overview of the NRG solution

NRG Controller The interface to PLC controller

  • PROFINET®, EtherNet/IP or Modbus®
  • Configurable in line, ring or star topology
  • Connects up to 32 NRG SSRs
  • Auto-addressing of NRG SSRs on the bus

Solid State Relays Solid state switching of heaters

  • 1-phase, up to 600 VAC, 90 A
  • Switching through communication interface
  • Control modes in ON/OFF or % power control
  • Real-time data and integrated diagnostics

Bus cables The NRG internal bus cables

  • 5-way proprietary cables
  • Lengths available: 10 cm, 75 cm, 150 cm, 350 cm and 500 cm

Integration of Ethernet-based NRG in automation systems

Configuration of the NRG PROFINET®

Integrating the NRG in automation systems is fast and easy through the use of available engineering tools. This tutorial shows how the NRG with a PROFINET®; interface can be configured using the TIA Portal.

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Configuration of the NRG EtherNet/IP

This tutorial shows how the NRG with EtherNet/IP interface can be configured in an automation system using Studio 5000 Logix Designer.

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