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PV sites monitoring

Data logging

The datalogging is a recording of one or more variables along the time, implemented in a hardware module.

String monitoring

The string monitoring is the metering of the most important string of a series of PV modules.

Digital I/O

The digital I/Os are inputs and outputs used to gather signals from protection devices and as alarm outputs.

Environmental monitoring

The environmental monitoring is mostly used in large PV plants to measure solar irradiation, temperature and wind speed.

Irradiation sensors

The irradiation sensors are used to measure the power per unit area received from the sun. Those sensors are mostly used in large PV plants.

Isolation enhancement

The isolation enhancement is needed in those large PV plants where string voltage reaches 1000V.

Interface protections (CEI 021 and VDE AR-N-4105)

The Interface protection devices make sure that the connection to grid is protected according to specific standards.