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RVBS: variable frequency drive for general purpose usage
November 11, 2022
RVBS: variable frequency drive for general purpose usage

Compact and cost-effective solution with push-in terminals.

RVBS: variable frequency drive for general purpose usage

Lainate, November 2022 - Carlo Gavazzi Automation, the international electronics group with activities in the design, manufacture, and marketing of electronic equipment, today presents its new series of variable frequency drives.

The RVBS is a variable frequency drive for general purpose applications up to 0.75 kW in industrial and residential environments and its open board design results in a very compact solution to fit in small enclosures with limited spaces. Thanks to the push- in type connectors its installation is fast, saving considerable wiring time and it is also equipped with optimized features to control the speed of the 3-phase compressors with an induction motor.

Through its 2 digital inputs and 1 analog input, the RVBS offers a very flexible configuration to adapt to different application needs.

With Industry 4.0, monitoring and data exchange it has become more relevant as a means of improving efficiency or for preventive/predictive maintenance. The RVBS built-in Modbus RTU communication port facilitates its integration with an automation system and/or PLC whilst also allowing real-time status monitoring and data exchange.

“Today’s global trend is toward energy saving and high-efficiency. Variable frequency drives are becoming the solution to fulfill those requirements” Brian Gauci International Product Manager says. “With this launch, it is our intention to further strengthen Carlo Gavazzi’s product offering in one of our strategic industries.”

The most common challenges when using variable frequency drives are dimensions and cost of the product. With the RVBS, developed in our competence center in Malta, we addressed both customer pains by designing a cost-effective product in a very compact platform. Additionally, the push-in connectors are used to minimise wiring time, helping our customers to have an even lower total solution cost.

Main technical features
• Input voltage: 200 – 240 VAC single phase
• Input frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
• Power ratings: 0.55 kW / 0.75 kW
• Rated output current: 2.7 Arms / 5 Arms
• Digital inputs: 2 (programmable)
• Analog inputs: 1 (0 – 10 V)
• RS485 serial communication port (MODBUS-RTU)
• Cooling method: Heatsink (0.55 kW model) / Heatsink + Fan (0.75 kW model)
• 1 relay outputs: 1 for alarm
• Configuration: via configuration software, remote keypad (optional) or via the PLC through the RJ45 port via Modbus
• Approvals/Markings: CE, UKCA

Carlo Gavazzi Automation is an international electronics group with activities in the design, manufacture and marketing of electronic equipment targeted at the global markets of industrial and building automation.
Carlo Gavazzi Automation provides customers with technologically innovative, high quality and competitive solutions, in compliance with their requirements and expectations through its 22 National Sales Companies in Europe, the Americas and Asia & Pacific, operating with its production sites in Denmark, Italy, Malta, Lithuania and China.

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