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Custom-fit products for your industry

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Our range of tailor-made products and systems is optimally designed to meet the requirements of your industry and applications. Discover how our expertise provides you with a variety of innovative technologies, wherever you are.


Mobile equipment

Mobile equipment is one of the most challenging applications for a sensor. Any device installed on mobile machinery whether it’s a garbage truck, mobile crane, concrete mixer, dump truck, tractor or fire truck, is subject to extreme operating conditions including continuous exposure to high levels of shock and vibration, wide temperature variations and voltage fluctuations, with voltage sags and peaks of up to 200 V, frequent high pressure and high temperature wash-down cycles and high electromagnetic interference.

Carlo Gavazzi’s ICS E1 rated inductive sensors are specifically designed with mobile equipment in mind.


HVAC - Heat pumps

Heat pumps are rapidly becoming more widespread in recent years as a mature and viable technology for ambient and domestic hot water heating. At every start of the heat pump compressor there is a high starting current that may cause light flickering as well as mechanical stresses on the compressor and joints. We offer a wide range of 1-phase and 3-phase soft starters dedicated to scroll compressors.

Our patented soft starters RSBT reduce compressor starting current by > 50% resolving both electrical as well as the mechanical issues cause by the high starting currents.

Our dedicated tool for scroll compressor soft starters offers a quick selection of the right soft starter for your heat pump compressor.

Our products

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We offer state-of-the-art products and solutions to meet the Industrial and Building Automation global market’s requirements. Our products have earned the independent approval of the relevant international regulations. Find your product.