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Energy monitoring

Earth leakage current devices

The earth leakage current devices are specific relays which can detect the earth leakage current by means of an external core balance transformer


The controller is the universal web platform, the core of the entire system that is able to provide all the remote, on-premise or cloud functionalities.

Panel mount with plug-in modules

The panel mount with plug-in modules is a range of power analysers with top performances and embedded flexibility mostly used for main metering.

Panel mount

The panel mount meters is a range of CT connection based inputs mostly used for main metering, performing the measurement of all electrical variables.

DIN-rail mount

The DIN-rail mount meters is a range of both CT connection and direct connection based inputs, performing housing compactness and display data completeness, mostly used for sub-metering.

Multi-load metering

The multi-load metering is a range of analysers specifically designed to replace old fashioned meters. Being a quick-fit solution, if needed, it allows to easily remove the analyser from a place where it has been installed, and re-install it somewhere else.

M-Bus adapters

The M-Bus (EN13757) adapters are the solution to link M-Bus wired or wireless based meters to Ethernet or to RS485 ports.

Pulse counters

The pulse counters collect pulsating outputs from old fashioned meters and convey them to an RS485 Modbus port, being the latter key to automatic data collection for full data management.

Configuration software

The configuration software is a set of effective tools, PC or Smartphone based, for meter configuration, variable displaying and communication diagnostics.
The specific configuration software is available on the single product DETAILS page, see DOWNLOADS

Configuration unit

The configuration unit is a hardware tool designed to be plugged in on the front of an already mounted meter and allow the interface of the meter itself to its desktop configuration software or smartphone configuration App.

Solid core current transformers

The solid-core current transformers consist of a range of compact sizes to high primary currents accessories with current outputs for meters.

Split core current transformers

The split-core current transformers are a range of compact sizes to high primary currents accessories with either current or mV outputs for meters.

Rogowski coils

The Rogowski coils current transformers is a range of compact sizes to high primary currents accessories specifically designed for Carlo Gavazzi meters.