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Concrete trucks and specialty vehicles

E1 sensors

Concrete trucks
The ICS E1w_uclHFLbVY approved sensors have been designed with a special sealing to avoid any water and moisture penetration during these demanding washing cycles. IP69K protection degree certifies the sensor is protected against close-range high pressure, high temperature spray downs.

Special vehicles
The ICS E1 sensors are immune to false actuations when exposed to field strengths of 200 V/m, which is a higher value than similar components available on the market.

Inductive sensors

The ICF inductive sensorsbFD_FJfBfQc are the ideal solutions used to monitor the position of discharge chute, the position of the charging hopper and the rotation of the drum; their robust design ensures reliable operation even during periodic high pressure and temperature washdown cycles, as these sensors are resistant up to 100°C for a 15'' cleaning process and have IP69K protection degree.